I, Dani Alcorn, Solemly Swear To Complete The Picture-A-Day Challenge

For Christmas I received a digital SLR, the Nikon D3000. It is amazing! I have greatly enjoyed learning what all the buttons do and how the settings interact with one another. So far any good pictures I’ve taken have probably been due more to luck than skill, but I’ll get there with a little practice.

However, as many of you know, I am pre-med and spend most of my college career buried behind a pile of books during all my waking hours. In an effort to ensure that my new Nikon does not sit neglected and unloved in a closet I have decided to participate in the One-Picture-a-Day challenge for 2012.

I’m sure that not all my pictures will be taken with my Nikon… after all I am more likely to have my iPhone on me if something interesting happens.

Anyway, check back on New Years for the first installment! Until then, here are a few teasers…