Day 31

And today my project is one month old! So, I didn’t actually bake it a cake. I really was going to make vegan banana bread, but we were too full after a fabulous Tuesday Dinner tonight, so I had to improvise…

Why yes, I am a geek. Why do you ask?

The stats:

Day 30

An interesting long exposure night shot. Also tomorrow will be the successful one-month anniversary of this project. I might have to bake it a cake. Or maybe vegan banana bread.

Northwestern Clocktower and Downtown Evanston

The stats:

Day 27

Midterms are over and the sun came out today! I decided to take the opportunity to go out on the lakefill and take some pictures. There were lots of good ones but I thought this one captured the experience best.

People out enjoying a sunny day on the lakefill

The stats:

Day 26

I had a biochemistry midterm today. At 7pm. The good part about evening finals is that you can study all day. The bad part about evening finals is that you can stress out about them all day. I wore my Northwestern Chemistry baseball cap to the because it makes me feel smart (since I won it fair and square back in gen chem).

Today’s picture honors how I spent my day.

Day 24

Today started with an adrenaline rush when the fire alarm in our building went off and there was actually smoke in the stairwell… Fortunately it wasn’t anything too serious and we got to go back upstairs almost immediately. We also passed the “what do you take in a fire” test, namely helping our next door neighbor get her four-year-old son and infant daughter out the door (with coats and boots and a toy car).

Midterms start tomorrow. It’s going to be a long 48 hours…

For now, moonrise outside Tech: