Day 121

This photo was not actually what I intended to capture tonight, but foggy conditions made getting traditional night shots less than ideal. The effect of one side being more exposed than the other was achieved by holding a piece of cardboard in front of half the lens during the first 1.5 seconds of a 2 second exposure. The lights/damp are making some weird reflections on the lens, but that gives it an interesting vibe.

Day 119

Rachel did a cider tasting for the food magazine she writes for. I photographed the contenders. I’ll update with a link when her article get’s published.

From Left to Right: Woodchuck, Magner's, Crispin

Days 110-118

So… midterms happened. Pictures didn’t. Oops.

So, to make up for it, I went on a photo-walk and snapped some pictures of back-alley Evanston, which I will post here to make up for the missing photos.

Bright red flower looks like it has flames on it

Brick siding

Odd man out

Evanston Back Alley

Row of Transformers

Window Bars

Fire Exit

No Trespassing sign looks like it belongs in Portal

Day 106

It rained this evening and I happened to be out with my camera and tripod shortly after, just as the sun was setting. I got some really neat long-exposure photographs at one of the prettiest buildings on campus. This one stood out to me because it had so many interesting elements in it. I like the way the building frames the top, and then there are the silhouetted tree leaves, and you can also see the reflections from the wet pavement.


Day 105

Tonight I painted with light. I turned all the lights in the apartment off and got out my handy-dandy flashlight. The exposure and rate of movement had a lot to do with creating different effects. I tried highlighting only one object at a time, lighting up strange paths, but ultimately chose this picture, which was one of the first I took, as my photo of the day.

In this photo I basically just waved the flashlight around randomly, from lots of different angles. I love the way you can’t tell where the light is coming from. It feels very other-worldly.