Day 128

It was so foggy tonight the streetlights looked eerie… I’m not sure the iPhone did an accurate job, but the fog had thinned by the time I got my SLR.

Day 127

This photo was taken to remind myself about a roller derby schedule Rachel picked up for me when we were out to see a play this weekend.

Day 125

PhiDE had a Relay for Life team this year. Relay for Life benefits the American Cancer Association and is an overnight event, 7pm to sunrise, the idea being that if cancer never sleeps, neither will we. However, remaining conscious for the entire event is not mandatory (as you’ll see in Day 126’s picture…).

The event is really wonderful though. It is both moving and fun. They bring it a lot of good speakers and entertainment. I actually had a blast. This included a pickup game of basketball at 3am in which I made my first (and possibly only) basket ever. It was one of those perfect moments. The ball didn’t even hit the rim, it just swished through the net. I was shocked. But I have witnesses to corroborate!

Day 124

Today I went for a walk on the lakefill and snapped a couple photos of people relaxing during the first really nice day of Spring quarter.

Official Photo-of-the-Day: Guy playing a guitar on the lakefill

This was taken very quickly. My exposure was very low and the camera accidentally focused on the lake instead of on the girl, but I really like something about the way this photo turned out anyway....