Day 175

Dad and I went to the Farmer’s Market this morning to get some vegetables to make some stir-fry with. I found this sign labeling these green-thingys as “Garlic Scapes.” Rachel was gifted with a few of these veggies after helping out at a local farm, except she misheard the name as “Escape Garlic.” I couldn’t quite believe that was the real name, but I actually think I like it better…

Garlic Scapes at the Farmer's Market

Day 174

These chopsticks reveal the thought I secretly have every time I see someone using a fork to eat Asian food…

Taken at Noodles & Co.

Day 173

Dad got a really cool toy for Father’s Day. It’s called Sphero. It’s a little ball that roles around that you control with your iPhone. And it lights up.

Days 129-169 cont’d

And now for the 22 make-up pictures I owe you:

Days 129-169 (aka the missing month)

Okay, so I’m sure all two of you reading this have noticed that I was not so good at the whole picture-a-day thing for the last month. Midterms lead to finals, finals to Rachel’s graduation, family visiting, etc. I did take pictures in the last month, just not in an organized fashion. So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to post all the pictures I do have now. I confess I am missing some days, so I’m going to post other pictures I took to fill in the gaps…

Here goes…

May 11 - A form used to buy tickets to Northwestern's summer theatre season

May 12 - PhiDE beta class initiation ceremony (otherwise known as Savan being a clown)

May 15 - Exploring the Woods... Through Vegetables - au gratin (Ethan named this delicious creation)

May 17 - A grocery request for Dad to bring from Orlando: my favorite jam

May 20 - gorgeous sunset outside Tech

May 21 - read the bottom line, if you know me you'll know why I was so amused

May 22 - Violet's Tuesday Night Birthday!

May 25 - Eberhard's Beach Show - just burning some heavy metals... nbd

May 26 - Dillo Day light painting in front of the fireworks

May 29 - A cuddle puddle!

June 1 - Changing the calendar... we had a busy month

June 2 - enormous crane lifting something really big onto the roof of Evanston Place


June 10 - Elizabeth and the Catapult with Greg Laswell - Awesome concert!

June 13 - liked this saying on the Andy's frozen custard (specifically the part about Tuesdays)

June 15 - Tori showed us her closet for next year... Rachel fits inside it.

June 16 - Rachel Graduates!

June 17 - A paint by number in progress


Found Quotes from 802

These lost quotes were found while Rachel packed up her room. We think they’re from 802 Christmas 2010…

Laura: Is that you and that me?
Rachel: Yeah. You’re mooching off me.
Laura: It’s perfect! I even have that maniacal plotting look in my eye.

Laura: Natalie Ivanov used to wear these all the time, except not real.
Jackie: What do you mean not real?
Laura: Not from Kazakhstan.

“So many words!”

“I can treasure them- and give them to my children. And they can say, ‘Mommy, what’s this trash you read?'”
-Jackie, on the Jedi Apprentice books

“You find too much pleasure in not touching me.”
-Laura, to Dani