Found Quotes from 802

These lost quotes were found while Rachel packed up her room. We think they’re from 802 Christmas 2010…

Laura: Is that you and that me?
Rachel: Yeah. You’re mooching off me.
Laura: It’s perfect! I even have that maniacal plotting look in my eye.

Laura: Natalie Ivanov used to wear these all the time, except not real.
Jackie: What do you mean not real?
Laura: Not from Kazakhstan.

“So many words!”

“I can treasure them- and give them to my children. And they can say, ‘Mommy, what’s this trash you read?'”
-Jackie, on the Jedi Apprentice books

“You find too much pleasure in not touching me.”
-Laura, to Dani


The New 802 Quote Board

September 2011

“Oh, those are plates. No wonder they don’t look like bowls…”
– Rachel

“It’s going to taste beautiful… like rainbows and sunshine!”
– Rachel (on Charlotte’s homemade apple pie)

“Cannibalism is my one no-no.”
– Charlotte

“Where is this coming from?! This is coming from cray-cray.”
– Charlotte (on Twilight)

“It seemed ridiculous we didn’t have cocoa in our arsenal of beverages.”
– Dani

October 2011
“Can we invent a hand spatula and, like, get a patent, and then never have to work?”
– Charlotte

“And then Charlotte asked me to lick her finger, and it was just strange…”
– Rachel

Rachel: Can I help?
Charlotte: No, it’s just kind of wet… and not in a happy way.”

“She tells us that our dreams should have more weird stuff.”
– Rachel Geistfeld

“802: Where everyone offers you tea.”
– Rachel

Charlotte: I had kind of a field day with your spice rack.
Dani: It was more of a love affair…

“She’s a Rachel, not a skipper.”
– Jackie, on Charlotte

“I saw them walking together with coffee, which obviously means they’re having sex.”
– Kaitlin G.

“Oh no! Two of them mated!”
– Charlotte, on snickerdoodles fresh out of the oven

“I think Charlotte can do no wrong!”
– Dani

“Hey now! I french-broed!”
– Dani (going for french-braided)

“I find it kind of ominous that it’s called ‘Brother’…”
– Dani (on Rachel’s space-station sewing machine that’s going to take over the world)

Rachel: I’m sure all my ancestors will be so proud I’m making a Battlestar Galactica jacket.
Dani: And your decedents!

“Your teabag is so explicit tonight! ‘You only give when you love… in bed’.”
– Dani

“Frictional forces can’t beat my breast-warmth.”
– Charlotte

Dani: I guess we would judge an orgy.
Charlotte: Even if only for technique.

“The paper is paper! …that was more descriptive in my head…”
– Dani

November 2011

“The words fell out of your face…” 
– Rachel

“You initiated this stage in our platonic physical relationship.”
– Rachel to Charlotte

“I always like the dark ones…”
– Dani

“I have butter in my breasts.”
– Charlotte

“Surprise fucks are the worst.”
– Dani

“Have faith in the internet.”
– Dani

“I was really hoping you’d want to be an abstract squiggle.”
– Rachel, in a hypothetical conversation with her block of alabaster

“I just don’t have as much experience fitting large things in my mouth as you do.”
– Rachel to Charlotte

Rachel: Baking and booze always help.
Charlotte: Bacon and booze…
– a conversation had while making french toast bacon cupcakes

December 2011

“On a scale of one to married…”
     – Rachel G.

“Guys! There’s a torso in my present!”
– Rachel

“Dani knows what to do with bodies that come in boxes!”
– Rachel

“I love how it says ‘America’s Favorite Horse Race.’ I feel like that’s another way of saying ‘The Only Horse Race Americans can name.'”
– Kate

“This dressmakers form is like a new Han.”
– Jackie

“I mean, it’s the Catholic studies class. What can she say? There’s no forgiveness?”
– Rachel, on turning in a paper slightly late

Tuesday Night Dinner Quotes

“Tori has the stripper version.”

“My gesture-box is invading your bubble.”

“I shower naked…. yes.”

“Today I had feelings. They lasted for two hours.”

“Dear Mary Wollstonecraft, you heteronormative bitch.”

“Signs you’ve been working on your homework too long…”

“You’re just not so good with gravity.”

“Just because it wasn’t lewd doesn’t mean it can’t be memorable.”

“When my hands are not gross, we will embrace.”
-Tori, to Dani

“It was kind of an impulse buy…”

“Sinners Anonymous equals church.”

“….A Gingerly Journey, over rice.”
-Ethan, naming one of our Tuesday Night Dishes

“God is the one holding the heart-gun!”

“All my metaphors lock from the inside.”
– Rachel (on the Damien Jurado song, “Rachel & Cali”)s

“Old McNietzsche had a soul…”

“Can you give us all a lifetime of food? Cause we’re all a little nervous.”
-Tori, to Rachel

“I can’t even find my bones right now.”

My Current Musical Obsession

My current musical obsession is Kristin Chenoweth’s new album, Some Lessons Learned. In this album Kristin Chenoweth get’s to go back to her semi-country roots. I would describe the album as country-flavored-pop. The songs are all very upbeat, not many “crying in my soup songs” as Chenoweth put it. The lyrics are quirky, fun, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek.

Album highlights:

  • I Was Here
  • I Want Somebody (Bitch About)
  • Lessons Learned