Fall Morning

This morning when I awoke the light outside was fascinating. The tree across the street from my building always turns yellow during the fall, but this morning something about the way the sunlight permeated through the dense cloud cover made all the yellows and reds really stand out. I’m not sure if this picture does it justice, but I tried to capture what it looked like.

A Very Theatrical Weekend

This weekend I went with Rachel to see Second City (a famous sketch comedy and improve group based in Chicago) at Northwestern. The name of their show, in honor of our mascot was, “Wildcat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

The show was actually much funnier than I was expecting. However, we found that to satirize Northwestern they didn’t actually have to exaggerate much. For example, one of their sketches was about an incoming freshman who planned to triple-major in engineering, music, and economics… that’s a combination I’m actually pretty sure I’ve heard before…

They also sang us a song called, “We’re Big 10 (But We’re Also Ivy League).” And as we lost our Homecoming game this weekend, one of the more telling (and shortest) sketches went like this:

A girl and boy sit on two chairs, cuddling
Girl: You know, I’ve never been to the stadium on game day before.
Boy: (nuzzling her hair) I just wanted to come somewhere where we could be alone…
End Scene

Then, the next night, I went down to the city and met Jackie at Navy Pier, where we saw Murder for Two a musical comedy at the Chicago Shakespeare Center. 
All I knew about the show was that it was popular enough its run had been extended four times and it was billed as follows, “A two man show: both men play the piano and one man plays all 13 suspects!” 
How could you go wrong? It was indeed quite funny. Both men were very talented pianists and performers. It was not high art by any means, but it was quite a good time. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who needs a laugh!

Catching Up on the Recent Happenings at College

One of the consequences of the quarter system is you feel like you’ve just gotten back in the swing of things and suddenly the quarter is half over! So to go back a bit…

Fall in Evanston this year has been particularly lovely. The leaves were just gorgeous at the beginning of October! We eventually did get some gale-force rain, but up until a couple of days ago things have been really nice.

We’ve also been doing a lot of cooking in 802. Charlotte has been coming over every Tuesday to whip up some delicious deserts. We’ve had apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate-chip cinnamon cookies, and snickerdoodles so far. Rachel and I have also been experimenting with some new things, including lentil bread (the substance all over Rachel’s fingers).

And then Rachel turned 21! We celebrated by going out for drinks at the Rhythm Room at midnight. It took the poor bartender several moments to realize what the date was. Rachel’s drink was also free!

The day of her actual birthday we went to teapot painting class at Norris with Jackie and made cute little teapots (hers is the blue one, mine’s the purple elephant).

That night we had friends over for fondue (don’t ask how many blocks of cheese went into the fondu) and Rachel’s famous spice cake with marzipan topping.

 It’s been a busy couple of weeks! And we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet…