Day 83

The air-conditioning guy came this morning and fixed the AC unit in the beach house! Yay! Although I have to say, that at 79 degrees with a cool sea breeze through the house, we weren’t suffering too badly. I believe in my head it feels like summer, and I suppose that if all summer felt like this it would be wonderful in Florida, but I keep having to remind myself it’s only March!

We lazed around while the AC guy worked. I figured out how to make tea. After the AC was cooling again we slathered on the spf 100+ and headed out to the beach. We played Frisbee, I though I would be horrible, but my aim was actually quite passable after a few practice throws. We also collected some shells. Apparently I have a thing for yellow ones, as every shell I picked up turned out to be yellow or orange.

We played by the tide-pool rocks for a while and then sat in the shade underneath someone’s boardwalk and played in the sand. Sam is quite artistic and crafted quite a monster.

Needless to say I spent the whole time taking photos. The grand total was 675 photos. I expected there to be only about 7 truly remarkable photos but was pleasantly surprised to find there were a lot more. I’m not sure if it’s a testament to my photography skills or just that I had highly photogenic subjects who were willing to pose for me (I’m looking at you, Sam!).

After a couple of hours we headed back to the beach house to hose off and get ready to depart. We grabbed lunch at a beach bar dive, threw our sheets and towels in the dryer, and headed for home.

The drive back to Orlando was as painless as the drive out. Sam kept us entertained with her music selections. I dropped everyone off at Daniel’s house but had to dash out because my parents (who I think are enjoying the fact that I’m 21 far more than I am) were taking me to a wine dinner that night at the Everglades Restaurant.

The evening was quite fun (especially since I wasn’t sunburned, thank you spf 100+). The guest of honor was a master┬ásommelier in training, DLynn Proctor. He was of course knowledgeable and quite affable. He gave excellent notes about the wines we were drinking and communicated his passion for the subject with great enthusiasm.

Dessert was a wonderful duo of cheese (Reypenaer 1 year aged Gouda and Petit Basque) as well as an Engadiner Nut Torte, which I definitely plan on attempting to duplicate.

After dinner there is always a raffle, which my parents never win. Tonight, with beginner’s luck, I won a bottle of 2009 Beringer Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, which should be excellent to drink… in fifteen years or so.

Official Photo of the Day

Sam modeling for me

Runaway Frisbee

Daniel Contemplating the Ocean

No trip to the beach is complete without a piggy back ride

I call this Sam's "Movie Star Look"

Daniel demonstrating his marshal arts moves

Sam uses her District 9 inspired hand to grab Daniel

Daniel works on the sand sculpture

Self-portrait of Daniel in Dani's sunglasses