Day 30

Tonight we hung out at Zoe’s new apartment. Rachel, Tori, and Dana were there, and wherever Dana goes, cuddle-puddles tend to follow.

Five people on a couch designed for two... win.

Day 29

Unfortunately my front bike tire was stolen the other night. The joke is probably on whoever took it though because all summer I’ve suspected the tire had a slow leak. Two very kind friends, Mike and Violet, gave me a ride over to the bike shop to get it fixed. I took this picture to remind me how I angled the lock to get around the post, around the bike frame and through the wheel. It’s not as easy as it looks…

Day 28

All the freshmen are moving in today. They look so little. And eager.  It’s adorable.

I’m not sure if this was a sanctioned welcome or if someone is in big trouble, but the fountain downtown had a large quantity of purple dye dumped in it last night. It’s pretty spectacular.

I love the lighting in this shot

Day 27

They finally took the construction fence down in front of Deering Library. They completely redid the entrance, but it’s subtle. They did a great job matching the stone.

Love the ivy!

Day 26

Tonight was Tuesday Night Dinner! Mike’s birthday was a couple of days ago so we baked him a spice cake and there were so many candles we had to put them on both cakes!

Mike's 25th Birthday Inferno

Day 25

This morning my parents left to return to Florida. I waved goodbye and then headed back to the apartment. Charlotte’s mom took the two of us out for breakfast to a neat little diner/dive called Prairie Joe’s. It’s on central street. The breakfast ham was wonderful and the banana pancakes were to die for.

Classic Breakfast Diner

Day 24

This morning I went to the farmer’s market with my parents. They were very impressed by the produce. I am a huge fan of the farmer’s market.

These were goose-necked zucchini and they seemed like they wanted to escape their container!

Don't they look like little dinosaurs or something?

Day 23

Dinner at Tru with my parents was really delightful. Dad and I came here five years ago and it was wonderful. He came back with my Mom a year later and it was awful. So it was off the list for a while.  But we were down in the city for a 1985 and 1986 Bordeaux retrospective tasting with most of the first growths and a lot of the second growths as well. True is only about a block from where the wine tasting was so we decided to give it another try. I’m so glad we did! A large percentage of the courses were home-runs, including dessert, served by “George,” a monkey holding up a banana gateaux.

That is the most three dimensional plate I've ever been served in a restaurant...

Day 21

Two years ago I got this “magic message bean” growing kit as a stocking stuffer. It got stuck in a closet and forgotten about. I wasn’t sure it would grow (or what it would be if it did) but I added some water and this is what happened!

Aw! Thank you mommy 🙂