Do No Harm

donoharmGeneral Information

Log line: A gifted surgeon has a secret she fears could unravel her career. One night she is faced with two patients in critical condition: her lesbian lover and the man who savagely attacked her.  Will she risk her career by revealing her secret or take justice into her own hands, violating her oath to do no harm?

Genres: Medical Drama and Romance

Pages: 106

Influences: Imagine Me & You, Aimee & Jaguar, House, and Grey’s Anatomy


Robin is the best cardio surgeon in Boston and is on the fast track to becoming the next Head of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. But Robin has a secret she’s afraid could derail her career: the love of her life is a woman, Amber.

Robin learned early on that her relationship with Amber could be used against her, so she isolated her personal life from her work life. Then one night they violently collide.

Amber and the man who savagely beat her both end up in Robin’s ER. She faces a choice: reveal her relationship with Amber and back away from the patients or take justice into her own hands. Flashbacks interwoven with CT scans and operating rooms tell the story of Robin’s relationship as she considers what her oath to “do no harm” really means.


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