Iceland 2022 – Day 12

June 8: Akureyri

We had a very quiet day today, letting our legs recover from all the hiking. European dryers were not designed for American fabrics, so this was the aftermath of our laundry yesterday:

Trish went forth to a nearby bakery, Bakaríið Við Brúna, to fetch breakfast for us. She chose a baguette and a local pastry with three different toppings. It had a stripe of cinnamon sugar and almonds, a stripe of custard, and a stripe of chocolate. It was very tasty!

We also found a salad place for lunch!

The Google Translate App is amazing

We both napped the afternoon away…

and then went for a 1 hour horseback ride!

Icelandic horses are small, shaggy, and known for being friendly. They also have a fifth gait, called “tölt,” which has all the speed of a canter but the smoothness of a walk. Unfortunately, I only got to experience that for about two steps because my horse, Bjartur, was not interested in working any harder than absolutely necessary.

Still, it was a lot of fun and the ride was through some truly beautiful scenery. A seal also watched us go by from the water!

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