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Fiction and Screenplays

The following pages showcase my novel and screenplays. I invite you to peruse the summaries and excerpts. Simply click on the titles to see more. I can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected]. Enjoy!

The Last Telepath
This novel is a coming of age story. Influenced by science fiction like Star Trekand Babylon 5, this dystopian young adult novel is about Luna Morgan, a seventeen-year-old telepath living in a world where telepaths are at the top of the government’s most wanted list.

A Quintessence of Dust
This screenplay is what would happen if Bladerunner met Hamlet. It was written in a screenwriting class dedicated to the character-centered screenplay. Agent Zia Makyna is good at her job but maintains an emotional distance from the world. She is forced to protect Will Wittenberg, owner of Quintessence, a business that manufactures biobots, whom she assumes is nothing more than a wealthy young playboy. But there’s more to Will than meets the eye. Her feelings for Will deepen as technical failures in the computer system that runs the city get worse and threaten to destroy everything. Zia uncovers a secret that changes everything she thought she knew about her world and about herself. This script explores the issues of love, sacrifice, and what it means to be truly human.

Do No Harm
In this medical drama, Robin, a brilliant surgeon, is faced with two patients. The first is her lover, Amber, whom Robin has kept secret from the rest of the hospital, fearing if they knew it could end her career. The second is the man who savagely attacked Amber, and may have done irreparable harm. The story of Robin and Amber’s relationship is told through flashbacks as Robin decides whether or not to take justice into her own hands. During the night she must reevaluate what her oath to do no harm really means

How to Catch an Englishman
This screenplay was inspired by Jerramy Fine’s self-help book The Regal Rules for Girls, a how to guide for American women who want to move overseas and marry an eligible English bachelor. Stephanie Kittridge moves to Oxford with the hopes of snaring an engagement to a titled Englishman. When she discovers her outgoing American ways aren’t endearing her to the locals, she hires Nick Anderson, a fellow American ex=pat and artist, to teach her how to date the English. During their lessons, unwanted sparks fly, and Stephanie finds herself torn between the dirt poor artist and an Englishman who is everything she thought she wanted.