Diaries of Parenting a Kitten: Vol 1

Because he will permanently be wearing a tuxedo, we considered all sorts of names that conveyed dignity and class… then we met him.

So, everyone, please welcome¬†Agent Thunderpuff¬†to the Alcorn-Lawlis household! He’s 10(ish) weeks old and is a bundle of energy.

We met each other over the weekend at his foster mom’s apartment.

And it was love at first wiggle.

I have flown many times, but never with a pet. I think I was more nervous than he was!

Despite his rambunctious personality, he was a complete angel. Not even a squirm or mew of protest through security and boarding.

However, he wasn’t pleased about being put under the seat in front of me. He protested till I defied aircraft safety regulations and put him on my lap instead. The flight attendant was kind enough to look the other way.

He protested a little more and for ten minutes I was afraid I should have given him the tiny diazepam pill his vet supplied that I was too chicken to use. But, finally, I realized he didn’t want out of the carrier, he just wanted to hold my hand! As soon as I stuck it into the carrier with him he used it as a pillow and dozed through the rest of the flight!

Trish met us at the airport and (saint that she is) let us go relax in the car while she collected my bag.

Once we got home, he settled right in.

The next morning, I was informed breakfast needs to be served promptly at dawn.

Sleeping with a kitten is kind of like sleeping with Sonic the Hedgehog if he had razor blades strapped to his back. Anything not under the covers is considered a chew toy… #Parenthood?

He spent the rest of his first day as a Chicago cat exploring his new room, murdering his feather teaser, and getting lessons from Trish about how to be a shoulder cat.

I attempted to do some work in the afternoon and he “helped.”
Clearly, laps are meant for cats, not computers.
He finally wore himself out and we had a good cuddle session.
Day two he got to explore a new room! The home office.
He’s found his favorite spots but I’m afraid he won’t fit very long!
The room has glass doors so he and Delilah got to see eye to eye. There was some perfunctory hissing, but no growling or puffed up tails.
We’ll take things slow, but I think they’ll get along just fine.
Delilah’s calorie expenditure is about to skyrocket…
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