Diaries of Parenting a Kitten: Vol 2

It was a Saturday miracle! We slept till 8:15!!

…which was not repeated any other day this week. Ah well. Sleep is for the weak.

This week, a new toy appeared! The ever-popular three-way tunnel. Agent Thunderpuff deemed it most acceptable.

We also discovered faucets this week. But the question remains, where does the water go??
Thunderpuff is a very affectionate kitty and has the most wonderful purr. His whole body rumbles when he gets going.
I’ve been sleeping in the guest room with Agent Thunderpuff while Trish and Delilah stay in our room. On Sunday, Trish and Delilah decided to sleep in (a luxury I don’t expect to be afforded any time soon!). Instead, we took the opportunity to explore the rest of the house!

We may have a future pianist on our hands! Fortunately, unlike pianos, keyboards can be unplugged 😉

However, I don’t think he’s noticed the view yet.

Lessons in shoulder-catting continue, though this one didn’t go exactly as planned.

The week’s biggest milestone was being allowed out into the house with Delilah. Previously, they’d only looked at each other through the glass doors, and briefly in his bedroom.

She’s taking it pretty well. Although she’s not exactly pleased to be sharing her favorite spots…

After a few *active* hours, a truce was reached and mutual naptime ensued.
He’s an active little man but, eventually, he passes out in a nest of many toys.
And he takes his duties as work su-purr-visor VERY seriously.
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