Sydney – 3/13/2019

After yesterday’s scorching heat it was a bit gloomy today (but thankfully cooler!). We had a quiet day at Pamela’s.

I tried to style my hair this morning and ended up with… well… this:

Which looks a lot like this:

I’m going to pretend it was intentional…

It’s still far from frigid but the gloomy weather had me thinking it was a day for “Stedman Healing Medicine” (aka potato/beef soup). I took another jaunt to the market to acquire the supplies while Pamela was out playing Bridge.

The soup turned out beautifully!

I had to make one small adaption to the recipe due to a lack of bullion. I think it was successful though (since we’re in the land of tasty cattle).

We had another leisurely afternoon capped off with good scotch and better company.

Betcha can’t figure out who took this photo
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